It’s Important to be a Team

(Connections, Connections, Connections)

b2emedia people walk into our virtual offices and real lives from all over. You’ll meet artists,  jewelry makers,  video editors,  musicians,  game developers,  animators,  designers, strategists, comedians,  an educator or three,  writers, researchers — and our accountants and account executives and bean counters, God love ‘em.

b2eIt’s like a community arts and crafts fair … run through the IT department and kept in line by a bean counting green eyeshade guy who lifts weights every morning and suffers fools badly.

Like you, we’re dreamers. For you, we’re realists. In fact, one of the best compliments we’ve ever heard someone called “the most creative and disciplined people” ever. Creative and Disciplined, mark you. Two words never in a solitary sentence.

Between, among, within these talents and techniques, creating and number crunching, we b2e resident humans flourish in invaluable relationships fostered and nourished by bringing your vision for your lives to life. In time and by introducing and integrating the right people, places, and things we make the best products and services for you.

pamtuohyYou trust us with your vision and we trust that Creativity and Discipline. It’s not in or out of any box. [Geez! Who wants to work around a bunch of boxes! You can’t go anywhere if in … you get lost if out.] Better to move freely, within oft-changing boundaries, pursuing the means to exceed your goals.

So when you walk into our virtual offices and our very real lives, you join that community of the heppest cats — and hardest nosed money guys. You enter into those relationships we’ve formed while waiting and wanting and wishing — and working — for you to come in.

Hard to say this without sounding like we’re trying to say something, but we built b2e Media by business, creative, and spiritual connections. We actually like each other, and it spurs us on; we’ll  show you the emails.

That’s what you become part of when we work together.